Broadcast Quality .Wav Files with DubTurbo

If you have dreamed of putting together the kind of block rocking beats, you hear on the radio or in the hottest clubs, without having to spend a small fortune on studio quality equipment a software alternative exists that can make your computer into a pro-studio tool.

DubTurbo offers all the bells and whistles that you need to create authentic .wav tracks that are broadcast quality. This revolutionary software allows you to create and record professional quality tracks that are ready for sale or use in your latest releases. Get access to the kind of tools, samples, and effects that the pros use and be the top beat maker on your block.

You can make real hit-making beats for pennies on the dollar by downloading the software that offers 16-tracks and mastering capabilities to produce a professional dubturbo product that is ready for marketing. The recording industry does not want you to know that there is an alternative to heavy studio equipment for you beat making at nearly one-tenth the price that provides broadcast quality .wav, but it is a reality.

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