Feeding the Fat Burning Furnace

What is the secret behind the success of the best selling diet and fitness program The Fat Burning Furnace? The secret really isn’t a secret at all; it’s simple biology. Author Rob Poulos has done nothing more than create a diet and exercise plan that maximizes the power of the human body to function properly.

Your body’s metabolism is the engine that distributes nutrients, contributing to fat burning, building muscle, and providing the fuel it needs to function on a day-to-day basis. Metabolism can be sped up or slowed down by changes in diet and activity level, thus affecting how the body operates.

Poulos’ program centers around the idea that eating an organic diet, changing eating habits, and participating in an intense and focused workout schedule that one can manipulate his or her metabolism to speed up, thereby burning fat. Eating the right foods with naturally occurring fats and carbohydrates not only promotes fat burning but also leads to faster lean muscle building. The result is the body transformed into a fat blasting machine.


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